Frequently Asked Questions

In order to help customers to know our products quickly, we have collected some common problems and answers and exhibited them here. If you have any other problems with custom stickers, you can still contact us directly. We solve it for you in a short time.


1. As for the art proof, which types of files do you accept?

The file formats included JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF, AI, BMP, TIF, and EPS; and you only need to provide us your art proof and place an order, and then your products will be delivered to your house.

2. Before I buy your products, can you give me a quote about custom stickers?

Actually, the pages of different types of stickers have displayed detailed prices with different sizes or quantities. Or if you have any other needs, you can email us to find what you need.

3. How many payment methods I can use?

In, we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, money order, and check.

4. What is the minimum quantity for the custom stickers?

There is good news for you that we have no minimum quantity limitation for all kinds of custom stickers. You only need to write the quantity you want to order.

5. Can you offer me a discount on my order?

For all customers, you will get a 10% discount for your first purchase from our website. If you haven’t purchased our products ever, you will get a discount.


1. What kind of materials are used for making custom stickers?

Generally, we offered white vinyl stickers, clear stickers, and static clings stickers according to different materials. White vinyl is the most common material. Clear stickers and static clings stickers are normally used on smooth surfaces like windows and glass items.

2. Can I design various custom stickers with different designs?

Of course, you can upload multiple art proofs when you start to place an order. We can design them for you as soon as possible.

3. What are the Static Clings Stickers?

Static Clings Stickers is made of a special static-adhering vinyl without adhesive, which can be attached to the glass surface. It’s easy to pull the stickers from a smooth surface.

4. Can you ensure the custom stickers with correct color?

We use the CMYK color model for printing the correct color on the custom stickers. The best products will be finished with the best color match.

5. Can you offer me design services?

Sure, we can offer you design services for free. If you have no ideas for the design of your custom stickers, tell us your requirements. We will email to you the art proof for confirmation.

Artwork & Shipping

1. Can I design graphics and other special text on the custom stickers?

Sure, we have no limitation for your design on the personalized stickers. You can free to create your own designs on your own stickers.

2. Can I update my artwork or redesign stickers at any time?

You can re-upload your artwork and offer your new design before your final approval. However, if your order is in production, redesigning your stickers and updating your artwork are not allowed. So, we recommend you confirm your final design before production.

3. Can you offer a discount on the freight?

Don’t worry about the freight, because we can offer you free shipping for all products in

4. How long can I receive my products?

Normally, you should wait for five to seven days to get your custom stickers, including production time and shipping time. However, the delivery time still depends on the quantity, location, and other elements.


1. Can I return the custom stickers?

Considering the customization features of our stickers, we only allow returning products because of the quality problems. Hope you can understand.